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A question for you, readers: July 8, 2011

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Despite my lack of regular posts, I do frequently think about things I’d like to write about in this blog.  In an attempt to motivate myself to write + see what people want to read about, please give me some feedback.  Of the following list of topics, which would you most like to read about in the next post?

  • A look back at the experiences of 4 years of community health practice
  • A look back at 3+ years of being a trans health provider (I now have almost 50 patients!) and discussion of interesting cases/situations
  • Funny patient stories
  • Discussion about a recent trend in young, lesbian women in my community choosing to get pregnant
  • A post about the things I really enjoy about working with my underserved population (seems like people always post rants about working with poor/medicaid patients, and I think it’s time they got some love)

10 Responses to “A question for you, readers:”

  1. Sonia Says:

    I enjoy all your postings and all your ideas for future ones sound interesting. However, what makes you unique as a nurse practitioner blogger, is your perspective on the best way to provide primary care to lesbians and transgender patients. I would learn the most from reading about how to best care for these groups of patients

  2. Meinemo Says:

    I’d like to read all of those! The 3+ years of transgender care seems interesting and I’d also like to hear what you love about working with underserved populations.

  3. starrhillgirl Says:

    Yes, all of the above, please. Aren’t we helpful?

  4. j Says:

    I’m most interested in the last, your experience working with poor/medicaid patients, but usually find any of it to be interesting.

  5. Colleen Says:

    One of each please 🙂

  6. E Says:

    I’d really love to read all of them, but if we have to choose… my top vote is for stories about being a trans health provider!

  7. helliewm Says:

    All of the above.Love your blog.

  8. CNM M Says:

    I love it all! I always enjoys your funny patient stories, and I think they are often the same stories that explain why you love working with an underserved population, a subset of whom are trans.

  9. the injector Says:

    all of the above. but i would love to hear more about providing health care to trans people and the specific obstacles faced by the trans community. and the funny patient stories always bring a smile or chuckle and sometimes outright hysterics. whatever you do keep on giving us the bits of writing you can when you have the minute or two.

  10. nursestl Says:

    definitely transgender care. but, i always appreciate when you write what you are actually thinking in your head vs. what your “nursey voice” actually says during visits. it helps to know that i’m not alone in my inappropriateness of things that i would REALLY like to say sometimes.

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