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A question for you, readers: July 8, 2011

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Despite my lack of regular posts, I do frequently think about things I’d like to write about in this blog.  In an attempt to motivate myself to write + see what people want to read about, please give me some feedback.  Of the following list of topics, which would you most like to read about in the next post?

  • A look back at the experiences of 4 years of community health practice
  • A look back at 3+ years of being a trans health provider (I now have almost 50 patients!) and discussion of interesting cases/situations
  • Funny patient stories
  • Discussion about a recent trend in young, lesbian women in my community choosing to get pregnant
  • A post about the things I really enjoy about working with my underserved population (seems like people always post rants about working with poor/medicaid patients, and I think it’s time they got some love)