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Delicious! May 4, 2011

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I had a long, entertaining visit with a serious oversharer.  I know I’m a medical provider and all, but some people really like to get into unnecessary details.  In this case, I was discussing vaginal discharge with a patient who was in the office for std screening.  She was having some white discharge which distressed her greatly.  She talked at great length about her personal vagina-cleansing regimen, which involves soap, a showerhead, diaper wipes and shaving.  “Girl,” she said, “I make sure my pussy smells delicious!”  Wow, delicious, eh?  Most women are happy with “non-offensive” or “clean.”  But delicious really goes that extra mile.

I was thinking about her words later, because I found them funny and incongruous.  It’s rare to find a woman who feels that positively about her vaginal odor.  Of course, this woman was going to great lengths to remove most of her natural odor, but at least she feels good about her vag, right?  Delicious!