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Exhaustion sets in May 1, 2011

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Wow, I sure am tired.  Every time some well-meaning person asks me if the baby is “sleeping through the night” I want to punch them in the face.  No, she is not sleeping through the night.  If she was, I wouldn’t have a tremor from the amount of caffeine that I have to consume each morning just to keep my eyes half-open.  Nor would I be punching you in the face.

BUT…I had a pretty hilarious (in a stressful way) week at work.  Highlights include:

  • Bipolar patient with anger management issues who told me that his risperidone stabilizes his mood but “makes me want to kill people.”   Yikes.
  • Alcoholic patient who suffered a HUGE stab wound in the arm and didn’t seek medical care for a week.  It’s too late for stitches, so now he just has a huge chunk hacked out of his arm.  Ick.
  • Decompensated schizophrenic woman who cornered me in the exam room and insisted on telling me in detail about the deep significance of the dollar amount of her food stamps.  She also informed me that she is married to the Son of God.  Double Yikes.
  • A no-show for an urgent visit booked as “Blood pressure was 220/104 at pharmacy.”
  • A patient with honest-to-god Stevens Johnson Syndrome (it’s healing now…I wasn’t the one to diagnose it, thank god). Double Ick.

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