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Nice try, jerkface March 27, 2011

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1st year intern, to me: “Hey, I hear you give a good shoulder massage.”

Me, to intern: “Hm. I hear you didn’t read the sexual harassment policy.”

Intern: (looks uncomfortable)


Just for a little context, I never give people massages at work.  AND I don’t know this guy very well.


Cute. March 17, 2011

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This week I had an initial visit with my youngest transgender (ftm) patient ever.  At just a smidgen past 18 years old he’s still in high school, but apparently he is out to most people at his school and is even working on getting his preferred (not yet legal) name on his diploma.  He came to the visit with his mother, who was sweet and supportive.  During our conversation about what needs to be done prior to starting hormones, he expressed fear about the needle stick for the blood tests.  “Man up!” said his mother, “It’s just a blood test.”  The patient turned to me, rolled his eyes and said “She loves to say that to me now.”  Ha.  Sweet family…if only all of my transgender patients had that much support.   After all of the dysfunction that I see every day, it was really nice to be reminded that sometimes family can be a patient’s biggest–and best– support system.