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There’s a first time for everything. Especially for gross things. January 23, 2011

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Yesterday I did a pelvic exam and saw something I have never seen before.  As I located the patient’s cervix, I noted what appeared to be a black IUD string in the os.  Confused–because she had not reported having an IUD–I asked her if she had one.  “What’s an IUD?” she responded.  A Mirena?  A “T”?  A dispositivo?  No, no and no.  When I used the cytobrush, the black string came right out…and turned out to be the longest pubic hair I’ve ever seen.  A pubic hair.  Lodged into the cervical os.  Ick.


8 Responses to “There’s a first time for everything. Especially for gross things.”

  1. Joy Says:

    I’ve seen one of those! and yes I was grossed out….

  2. aap Says:

    one time found a full on tumble-weave in there with strands wrapped around the cervix, semi-strangulating it. worse than cleaning out the shower drain.

  3. Eden Says:

    I see these all the time! Hm… is there anything in particular I should be inferring?

  4. Kimberly Says:

    I have had a Mirena for 3 yrs. Went in for my pap three weeks ago. Then started having a discharge. Went back to OBGYN, there was a hairball wrapped around my IUD string. Have any of you seen this or heard of it? It grossed me out.

    • lesbonurse Says:

      I haven’t ever seen it before, but I’m not surprised. I guess the question is, whose hair was it? Ha. Regardless, odd things happen inside the vagina from time to time. I’m sure you’re not the only one this has happened to!

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