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Role Modeling October 26, 2010

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As I continue to work “post dates”–I’m now 41 weeks pregnant–I feel like it has become my second job to defend why in the world I would want to:

a) continue to work (albeit half-time)

b) not be begging my midwives for an induction

and c) plan for a non-medicated birth.

Aside from some patient exclamations of disbelief/amazement that I’m still working past my due date, the doubting comments generally come from the clinic staff.  Comments range from “So when are they going to induce you?” (said when I hit 40weeks and 0 days) to “WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU GIVE BIRTH WITHOUT AN EPIDURAL??” (said by a RN with a horrified look).  I try to be as calm and pro-natural-birth as possible in my answers.  I can’t even count how many times I’ve said–with my best smiley face on–“babies will come when they’re ready!”, “I’m healthy, the baby’s healthy and there’s no medical reason for an induction,” and “I don’t want an epidural because I think it will increase my risk of having a c-section.”  Not to mention the gazillion times I’ve explained that I wanted to keep working because I would be bored off my ass at home waiting to go into labor.  And also that I only get 12 weeks of FMLA and I don’t want to waste it sitting at home without a baby when I could use that time to hang out with my baby.  Yes, it’s uncomfortable to be alive at this point, but I actually feel more comfortable when I’m distracted and walking around the clinic instead of sitting on the couch at home.

I think it’s a good thing that I get to espouse my birth-is-a-natural-phenomenon views to all of my co-workers.  I was just a little surprised at how deeply ingrained the birth-as-a-strictly-medically-managed-event view has proven to be.  D’oh.


8 Responses to “Role Modeling”

  1. nurseXY Says:

    My respect for you just went up several notches. Good on you!

    Best of luck with your delivery!

  2. Lauren Says:

    Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy, and have a wonderful time getting to know your new little babe when s/he comes!

  3. k. emvee Says:

    Keep rocking! When this baby comes, it will be beautiful! Good for you for doing what you need to do to stay happy and healthy despite the frustrations of having to advocate for yourself and your chosen birth.

  4. Go on with your bad self! Role modeling wins.
    I hope the birth is soon and smooth and not too fast or too long and that your time at home is sweet and full of enough sleep for everyone.
    (um, just found your blog and distracted myself with the archives for the weekend – and then commented as a total stranger)

  5. Colleen Says:

    Oh LesboNurse, I have no idea who you are or where you are, only just that you are the best! I’m not sure how many more missives we might have from you before the little one pops out, but is it wrong to hope we have just a few more?
    I’m sure you can’t wait to meet this little person, and wish you all the best with the birth and beyond!

  6. the injector Says:

    you rock. i’m sending you all kinds of good vibes for and excellent-non-medicated-as-natural-as-can-be-non strictly medically managed birth. you and yours be well!

  7. alice Says:

    Amen! Stay strong! I had the same reactions earlier this year- finally caved for an induction at 41 weeks which led to epidural which led to c-section. But happily the baby and I were both fine. I hope it works out for you!

  8. I am an L&D RN and I will say: Do as you feel is best for YOU. I worked with many gals that worked until the day they delivered. I would do the same as you. And yes, there are waaaaay too many people that “medicalize” birthing.
    Here’s to a wonderful birth!

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