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Ready. October 15, 2010

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I’m almost done…

I’ve gone down to half-time, finished all my progress notes and am almost caught up with all of the non-urgent tasks that have been crowding my desk for months.  I am ready to have the baby now.  I’m also ready for patients and co-workers to stop asking “Are you still here?” and “How are you feeling?”  If there’s a take-home lesson I’ve learned from this pregnancy, it is this: if you can’t say anything nice to a pregnant woman, don’t say anything at all.  Seriously.  From now on, I will only say positive things to pregnant women.  Does a pregnant woman need to know that you think her ankles look swollen?  No.  Does she need to know that you think her belly looks huge?  No.  If she’s still heaving herself out of bed (literally) in the morning, coming to work and listening to your numerous medical problems without visibly rolling her eyes, for god’s sake tell her she’s doing great and looks wonderful!


3 Responses to “Ready.”

  1. the injector Says:

    wishing you all the best in these next many weeks!! woo hoo. woo hoo.

  2. aap Says:

    your belly is perfect, your ankles are lithe, your hair is fetching and you are the smartest, nursiest one of all.

  3. You are a beautiful, glowing soon to be mama! You rock! You are so. friggin. awesome! Look at you work through it all! You’re soooo close! Yaaaaay!!!!

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