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Healthy choices: way to go, Self September 2, 2010

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File this under: “Healthy Choices Are Hard to Make Sometimes”

This afternoon I was  hungry.  Like, ravenously, 3rd-trimester-of-pregnancy hungry.  The protein bar I had packed in my lunch bag seemed boring and unappealing.  I decided I would get a snack from the office vending machine.  The last time I bought something from the machine, they had fruit snacks (you know, those squishy fruit-shaped jelly things).  Fruit snacks aren’t the healthiest snack ever, but they’re not SO bad.  Unfortunately, the fruit snacks were gone.  I stood in front of the vending machine debating the choices: Sun Chips?  Granola bar?  Fiber bar?  Potato chips?  You know what I chose?  A Moon Pie!  A Moon Pie. Possibly the least healthy option in the entire vending machine.  It just looked so…delicious.  The sad part about this choice is that I know that a Moon Pie is like eating a piece of crap coated with fake chocolate.  I’m a pregnant healthcare provider, for god’s sake!  If anyone should be making a nutritious food choice, it should be me.  Yet I felt powerless to make a healthier choice.  It’s a good reminder that education doesn’t always equal the right choices.  Sigh.