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Not a good personal hygeine role model August 7, 2010

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It doesn’t make for a good morning when you’re sitting in an exam room and you notice that your patient smells like sweat and mildew….then you notice that your next patient also smells like sweat and mildew.  Finally after the 3rd patient you realize that the smell is you, because you forgot to put on deodorant AND you chose a shirt out of the closet that was crumpled in a (apparently damp) heap.  Dammit.


One Response to “Not a good personal hygeine role model”

  1. nurseXY Says:

    I hate that feeling.

    When I was in Jr. High, I mistakenly wore a sweatshirt to school that a cat had peed on. My mom refused to bring me clean clothes, so I ditched all my classes and hid under the bleachers of the football field until it was time to ride the bus home. Got suspended for ditching classes, and grounded for a month.

    Stupid cat.

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