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Sex Ed Follow-up April 11, 2010

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After my fruitless search for appropriate puberty information (see my last post), I was determined to get something–anything, really–for the clinic.  And I was determined to get some info for my sweet patient, who left with little more than a pep talk about how to talk to her daughter.  Thanks to a friend of mine, I got my hands on a wonderful puberty book, It’s Perfectly Normal.  While I wish I could give a copy of this book away to any patient that wanted it, I settled for copying some of the information and putting the packets into our filing cabinet of patient pamphlets.  Then, in a happy coincidence, my patient with the newly-menstruating daughter came in for an urgent visit.  I came into the room armed with some fresh photocopies about the menstrual cycle and the female reproductive system (all done in cute illustrations, fyi).  I wasn’t sure if my patient would think I was crazy or not as I brandished some papers at her and said, “I was thinking of you and your daughter, so I went out and found this great book…”  It turns out that she was enthusiastic.  She thanked me for the information and left promising to read it with her daughter.   Yes!  Score one for appropriate information!

I do think the book is really great, and I would recommend checking out a copy if you have any contact with children or teens (or adults who need a little basic information about their bodies).