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Welcome to your new career January 15, 2010

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Today was my new NP student’s first day of clinical placement with me–and actually his first NP clinical placement ever. Good thing we started with a community healthtastic marathon. In 6 hours we saw 2 new patients who both had cocaine-induced heart attacks and hypertension, 2 other patients requesting narcotic refills, a patient with severe anxiety who claimed that the paroxetine “almost killed me as soon as I took it” but the xanax from her previous doctor “worked perfectly,” a woman with psychotic tendencies requesting “all my medications, because I just got mad and threw them all in the trash 2 weeks ago,” a man with Hep C, cirrhosis and ascites, and a woman who declined to let the male student observe her pap smear (but ,oddly, let her 5 year old daughter take pictures of her on her cell phone during her breast exam). That’s right, NP student, one day this will all be yours! Get ready for it.


2 Responses to “Welcome to your new career”

  1. aap Says:


  2. Eden Says:

    oh man, an yet somehow this clinical experience won’t Quite be like the real thing!

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