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Sorry, that’s outside my scope of practice January 13, 2010

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Chinese-speaking husband, accompanying non-English speaking wife to annual exam: “I have a question.  What size bra does my wife wear?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Husband: “Well, I try to buy her some bras and I don’t know what the sizes mean.  Can you tell me what size bra she wears?”

Me, momentarily stunned into silence: “Ummmm…wait, does your wife go to the store to buy her own bras?”

Husband: “No, I buy them.”

Me: “She should go with you to the store, and the women in the bra department will help her find the right size.  They do it with a measuring tape.  They have to measure her here–> (pantomiming measuring around braline)”

Husband: “Doctors don’t do it?”

Me: “No, doctors don’t do it.  Only at the store, where they sell the bras.”

Husband, looking disbelieving: “Well…ok.”


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