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Slogans for a new year January 4, 2010

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My friend (let’s call her GlobetrottingMidwife) and I like to make up rhyming motivational slogans for each new year.   Here’s some community health slogans for 2010:

Take your meds again in 2010

Feeling Zen, 2010

Come see me again in 2010

Avoid nasty men in 2010

Use your insulin pen in 2010 (please!)


One Response to “Slogans for a new year”

  1. that midwife Says:

    2010 spotting, embryo implantation?

    chlamydia again, and again and again in 2010

    2010: avoid accidental fertilization

    contraception in 2010 is your friend

    only flare-based rectal insertion in 2010

    just say no to fetal decapitation in 2010

    2010 papilloma on the mend

    2010: HIV is not pretend

    STD clinic, bring a friend in 2010

    ok, some are slant rhymes.

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