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Reason #87 Why Trans-affirming Providers Are Important: December 17, 2009

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Transgender patient with a rash: “I was going to call and ask if you knew of a dermatologist in my town, but then I realized that this was probably going to be a pants-off situation, so I decided to come see you instead.”

Me: “Glad to be of service.”

(Mental note: try to work the phrase “pants-off situation” into conversation more often!)


One Response to “Reason #87 Why Trans-affirming Providers Are Important:”

  1. Ace Says:

    As a trans person with a horrible rash which required a pants-off situation about a year ago, I love this story! I also was lucky enough to have a practitioner who was safe (trans-positive and trans-trained) and understanding and straightforward. (As a side note, they thought it might be herpes, but lucky me, it was “only” poison ivy! shudder. Which was less permanent, and I was grateful, and also very uncomfortable). Yay safe and respectful healthcare for us all! Go Lesbonurse!!!

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