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‘Tis the season… December 16, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — lesbonurse @ 2:24 am

…for depression.  Yup, the annual holiday depression has set in for my patients.  I spent the past couple of days being as reassuring as possible, repeating “You’re not alone in this.  Many people find the holidays stressful and depressing.  Not everyone is happy, even though they all look like it on t.v.”  It’s a combo of family stress, financial worries and the omnipresent image of the happy family enjoying conflict-free togetherness that pushes people over the edge.  Let me just repeat for good measure: YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN FEELING SAD AROUND CHRISTMAS.  PEOPLE LOOK HAPPY, BUT MANY TIMES THEY ARE JUST AS SAD AND CONFUSED AS YOU ARE.  It’s ok.  The season will come to an end, and people will stop being jolly.  Hang in there a little longer.


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