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Gotta love adolescents December 7, 2009

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Sometimes I miss working with adolescents.  When you work with them–as I did with a new, 18-year old patient last week–they say the most delightful things.  Like this: “So I have a question…if you have anal sex, does it still pop your cherry?”

And also this: “Um, I was wondering, when I had sex for the first time, it didn’t hurt and I didn’t bleed.  Is there something wrong with me?”

Bless her little heart.  Those comments gave me the perfect segue into discussing the STD risks of anal sex, along with the concept of the intact hymen as the basis for virginity.  (And in case anyone is wondering about my response to the cherry-popping question, I said “Good question.  If you’re asking if having anal sex will break your hymen and make you not a virgin in your vagina, then the answer is no.  But it is possible to pop someone’s cherry during anal sex, if you’re using that to describe having sex for the first time.  And if you’re asking me if I think that anal sex is really sex, then the answer is yes.  Anal sex is real sex.”)