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Yes, some doctors have a warped sense of humor November 25, 2009

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Overheard while sitting in the staff office:

Doctor Cuts-a-lot (he loves to do I & D’s) returns from draining someone’s abscess and states happily “Now that was some export-quality pus!” Um, yes. Our community is known for its fine, export-quality pus. Perhaps we can shore up the horrendous economy here with a side business in pus exportation.  wtf?


4 Responses to “Yes, some doctors have a warped sense of humor”

  1. Sarah Says:

    That guy must LOVE Nov 19th “Image in Clinical Medicine”

  2. Sarah Says:

    I was actually testing links from PubMed and fortuitously (depending on one’s point of view) clicked through to full color elbow pus pictures. After that I was just sort of… entranced by NEJM’s Images in Clinical Medicine. I don’t know why they don’t just come out and call it show and tell.

  3. aw, this post brings me back to dinner table conversation back on the old homestead! (growing up with doctor parents means having to learn in college that some people really mean it when they say, “i don’t want to talk about that at dinner.” who knew?)

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