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Unfunny week November 6, 2009

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It wasn’t the greatest of weeks in the life of Lesbonurse.

It started when I sent a patient to the ER, thinking that she had a critical but ultimately fixable problem. It turned out that she had metastasized pancreatic cancer–picked up as an incidental finding on the imaging study I had ordered. It’s nice that we found the cancer, but it wasn’t the glorious “good catch” moment that I was hoping for. It’s not really a good catch when you realize that your patient’s daughter is soon to be an orphan.

This depressing day was soon followed by the news that one of my immediate family members had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital. It’s remarkable how much stress this can cause for everyone else in the family. I spent a lot of time on the phone, talking to the hospitalized family member, then debriefing with other family members after their phone calls or visits.  Thank god I have a therapist!

Adding a kick while I was down, Maine voters rescinded gay marriage in their state. Nothing reminds you that people hate you for existing like people voting to take away your legal rights. Screw you, Maine. Screw you and your delicious lobster rolls.


Maybe next week will be better.


3 Responses to “Unfunny week”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hugs. you are a good person.

  2. i hope next week is better

  3. Wow, terrible week indeed. Sorry it was that way, and hope things are better now. Don’t forget, screw you California as well. Oh, and Texas to while you’re at it!

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