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How is it possible? September 14, 2009

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How is it possible…

  • That a 100-lb woman drinks five 40-oz bottles of malt liquor a day? (From my co-worker: “wow, you have to be a professional to handle that”)
  • That all of my patients who have blood sugars of 500 feel “fine”?
  • That extra-strength tylenol will totally cure one person’s low back pain, while another person needs a fentanyl patch?
  • That patients think Gatorade is juice?
  • That people who willingly engage in drug abuse, smoke cigarettes and have unprotected sex will refuse a flu shot “because it will make me sick”?

4 Responses to “How is it possible?”

  1. enfermera Says:

    or that it somehow doesn’t make sense that after taking tylenol for a fever, the fever magically comes back after 4 hours and didn’t “cure” it. “oooohhh… you mean i have to keep taking it?”

  2. Cali NP Says:

    or that birth control must be taken daily…but when patients lapse on pill compliance, “I don’t want to take the pill, it didn’t work last time when I got pregnant and was taking it”….um…technically, you WERENT taking it : )

  3. np2b Says:

    Ha! I love that last one…classic!
    Thanks for the laughs, love your blog.

  4. can’t help you on any of these, except to say that maybe not all of your tylenol-haters are faking — all the NSAIDs do pain relief of various sorts and levels for me, but tylenol? pppthhht. might as well take sugar pills. (and at least they don’t hurt my liver!)

    [yeah, i know this is really old. i’m devouring your blog, remember?]

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