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As if you needed another reason to stop doing cocaine… September 3, 2009

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Our clinic recently received an alert from the local department of public health warning of tainted cocaine.  Apparently there has been a glut of cocaine laced with levamisole, a veterinary medicine that can cause agranulocytosis in people.  Here’s a recent story by the New York Times: “Tainted Cocaine Kills 3, Sickens Dozens.”

Coincidentally, I saw a patient today who admitted to recreational cocaine use.  Like a good doobie, I provided her with the brand new “Cocaine Alert” patient flier.  Public health outreach win!!  The patient asked for extras so she could give some to her friends.  The patient, a 40-something year old woman, also added “I’m going to show this to my daughter because she’s the one who’s always getting me to use coke.”  Umm…great.  That’s a very sweet family dynamic.


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