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Do’s and Don’ts of a bad economy July 12, 2009

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Yes, times are hard and extra cash is scarce.  Here are some tips I’ve gleaned from the patients in my clinic:

  • Do buy the Family Dollar brand Loratadine for $2.50 for a box of 30 tablets.  Cheap!
  • Don’t buy the strawberry scented douche from Family Dollar.  Douching is bad for you…and why does anyone want to have a strawberry scented vagina?
  • Do use your disability check to pay the co-pay for your Spiriva
  • Don’t use your check to pay for a pack of cigarettes (or even worse, a carton of cigarettes)
  • Do be creative with your fundraising
  • But…Don’t sell your narcotics on the street outside the clinic
  • Do drink water from the tap
  • Don’t spend your money on those terrible little barrels of “fruit punch” that sell 10 for $1

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