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Your dog does what? June 23, 2009

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Today I had a patient who came in for her pap.  She appeared to be very, very high.  A major tip-off was the fact that she nodded off 3 times during the interview part of the visit.  Despite this, I decided to go ahead with the pap.  I figured she probably had a difficult time getting to the clinic, so we might as well capitalize on the time that we had together.  During the pap, she (unsurprisingly) nodded off again.  What was surprising was what happened when she woke up:

Patient: “Wha?”  (wakes up and starts kicking my arm as I am doing her pap)

Me: “Don’t kick me!”

Patient, slurring speech: “Ohhh, I thought it was the dog.”  (mumbling unintelligibly, nods off again)

Me: “Nope!  Just finishing your pap!”

So I had just one lingering question…whose dog sneaks up on them and inserts a speculum while they sleep?!


2 Responses to “Your dog does what?”

  1. Beth Says:

    wow….that is possibly the most incredible and hilarious pap story I have ever heard! You are amazing!

  2. knifemouth Says:

    I am worried for the dog’s well being! I wish there was a welfare service to call like they have for children. Oh, that poor poor dog.

    Also, being 41.5 years old, I have given up all pap and breast exams. I just don’t care anymore and thus: they no longer exist. That, strangers, is like home schooling but it’s health care. Now you know.

    That said, I just received an amazing electrical shock switching a plug from one power strip to another. I feel funny. And a little burned.


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