The magical mystery land of community health

I don't make this stuff up!…but I do change identifying information.

Lesbonurse, you’re looking trimmer June 3, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — lesbonurse @ 1:24 am

Ok, I myself am not looking trimmer. I continue to be hearty and robust. However, the blog archives are a little slimmer. Why? Although this blog doesn’t list my name or location, or my patient’s names, ages, birthdates or detailed descriptions, I still worry about confidentiality. Even though I change identifying information so that any resemblance to actual patients would be coincidental, I worry. So in the interest of making my blog as HIPPA-compliant as possible, I’ve removed the posts that tell specific stories about patients. Haikus can stay. Recollections of my innermost thoughts can stay. Bizarre health facts can stay. Stories about my favorite wacky patients…sadly, they aren’t staying. Nice to know ya, wacky patients. sniff.


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