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Please consider these for addition to the ICD-11 April 1, 2009

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I’ve decided that although the ICD-9 and ICD-10 are exhaustive collections of diseases, diagnoses and procedures, there are a few conditions that seem to have been left out. Here are my suggestions for some additional billing codes:

  • “Mental illness, NOS”
  • “Pure foolishness”
  • “Extremely poor judgment”
  • “FUBAR” (if you’re not familiar with this phrase, you can google it)
  • “Failure to die” (as opposed to Failure to Thrive)
  • “Mysterious abdominal pain without known cause, despite exhaustive workup”
  • “Patient crying, counseling for [x] minutes”
  • “Patient hard of hearing, shouting for [x] minutes”
  • “Patient on cell phone for [x] minutes”

2 Responses to “Please consider these for addition to the ICD-11”

  1. Beth Says:

    and brain fart: “patient unsure why he/she is here….does not know diagnosis, meds or any history whatsoever”

  2. knifemouth Says:

    I has had “failure to die” a few times. Now month after month, my brother outlives his ‘certain death sentence’ … I think we should get commendabulations for ‘forced to live.’

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