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A Really Bad Idea March 31, 2009

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Scene from a new patient visit:

Me: So you’re here to follow up on a seizure that you had last month?  You were seen in the ER?

Young male patient: Yes.

Me: Is this the first time you had a seizure?

Patient: No, I had one last year.

Me: Did you see Neurology–or anyone–for that?

Patient: I went to the ER.  They told me to see neurology but I didn’t do it.  They also told me not to drive.

Me: Are you still driving?

Patient: Well, yeah.

Me: I have to tell you, that’s against the law.  And it’s dangerous.

Patient: But I love street racing.

Me: So you race?

Patient: Yep.

Me: If you had a seizure during a race, you could kill yourself.  And take other people out with you.

Patient: (shrugs)  I know.

Me: (silent scream) I would strongly advise you not to race until you see Neurology.  I would advise you not to drive at all.

Patient: Mmmhmm.


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