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Things not to say to your health care provider March 19, 2009

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These statements–all recently uttered by patients–are guaranteed to win you no points with me:

  • “Have you put on weight?  Your face looks fatter.”  (Thanks so much.  Yes, I put on weight this winter)
  • “If you don’t give me Percocet, I’m just going to go to the Emergency Room!”  (Great!  Why are you still here?)
  • “Really, I’ve been taking my blood pressure medicine every day” (Then how come your blood pressure is HIGHER on 4 different medications than it was when you were on none?)
  • “Please give me Percocet.  I won’t get addicted, I promise!” (Hmm, somehow I’m not convinced)
  • “You’re pregnant!  Wait, are you pregnant?”  (No, it’s just a flowing blouse, ok?  And yes, I put on weight!)

One Response to “Things not to say to your health care provider”

  1. Beth Says:

    the worse is when the pat your stomach at the end and say….so, do you have new news??? haha.

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