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Sunday haiku March 2, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — lesbonurse @ 3:40 am

Sugars not better.

Why? Using insulin pen…

but not correctly

At the gas station:

gay male porn in the trash can.

Who left this behind?

Weather predicts more

snow and freezing cold temps.  No!

Can’t take any more!

Girl with low back pain

Used mom’s fentanyl patch and–

surprise!–pain was gone

Veggies once a month:

not meeting nutritional

requirements.  Yikes!


One Response to “Sunday haiku”

  1. knifemouth Says:

    I’d like a wee fairy to twizzle in on glitter wings and tap my Lidocaine patches with a cute glowing narco-wand of NoPain – and turn them all into Fentanyl patches.


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