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I Learn something new every day: Fecal Transplants! February 25, 2009

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Whoa. Fecal transplants. Check it out:

Today I had a patient who claimed to have been cured of c. diff by a fecal transplant. I didn’t believe it until I googled it, but it’s true. Doctors can really take donor poo, liquify it with saline and administer it to a patient via enema in order to restore healthy intestinal flora. Hmm. I wonder who thought that up, and how long it took for their colleagues to stop laughing and embrace the idea?


4 Responses to “I Learn something new every day: Fecal Transplants!”

  1. knifemouth Says:

    I’d try just about anything up my butt: get a waffle in that blender honey! But be SURE to liquify and get the gooood syrup outta Vermont, hm?!! Top Grade!

    *Donor Poo

    I want THAT on my Driver’s License!!!

  2. Amanda Says:

    In my med/surg rotation last semester, I was assigned to a 92-yo man who had been inpatient for a month with severe c. diff. it was my lucky day to be assigned to him on the day of his fecal transplant! i accompanied this gentleman to the GI suite, where they transplanted his nephew’s ‘donation’ (after mixing it with saline in a blender) to his duodenum via endoscope. it’s one of my favorite stories to tell when people ask how nursing school is going.
    even better…Mr. I had firm stool the next day and went home the day after that! i have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of this procedure!

  3. Citing my source, they did this on Grey’s a couple of episodes ago. Although I’ve never seen it in person.

    Glad it works.

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