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Do’s and Don’ts of rubbing alcohol February 18, 2009

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  • DO use alcohol to clean your injection sites!
  • DON’T drink rubbing alcohol–be kind to your optic nerve!
  • DO use alcohol to “sterilize” your needle before piercing your ears in junior high (it won’t help that much, but it’s a nice thought!)
  • DON’T scrub your vagina with rubbing alcohol because you think you have a yeast infection!
  • DO use rubbing alcohol to scrub your stethoscope between uses!
  • DON’T apply alcohol to that fungal infection on your face–it’s won’t help!

2 Responses to “Do’s and Don’ts of rubbing alcohol”

  1. knifemouth Says:

    So, like, for all of this stuff … do I stick to Comet and the uhm Spray Bleach stuff from Clorox? I mean, I bought the spray bottle that says they are GREEN now, so I figure “safe” right?

  2. Beth Says:

    and don’t rub it on your penile herpes….it will just hurt more (and please, don’t add genetian violet after that, it will just turn your dick purple). Gotta love community health.

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