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I Learn something new every day: Fecal Transplants! February 25, 2009

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Whoa. Fecal transplants. Check it out:

Today I had a patient who claimed to have been cured of c. diff by a fecal transplant. I didn’t believe it until I googled it, but it’s true. Doctors can really take donor poo, liquify it with saline and administer it to a patient via enema in order to restore healthy intestinal flora. Hmm. I wonder who thought that up, and how long it took for their colleagues to stop laughing and embrace the idea?


Do’s and Don’ts of rubbing alcohol February 18, 2009

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  • DO use alcohol to clean your injection sites!
  • DON’T drink rubbing alcohol–be kind to your optic nerve!
  • DO use alcohol to “sterilize” your needle before piercing your ears in junior high (it won’t help that much, but it’s a nice thought!)
  • DON’T scrub your vagina with rubbing alcohol because you think you have a yeast infection!
  • DO use rubbing alcohol to scrub your stethoscope between uses!
  • DON’T apply alcohol to that fungal infection on your face–it’s won’t help!

Things that don’t really need an answer February 17, 2009

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These are some recent statements that really beg for an answer like “Duh” or “REALLY?”. But instead, I just settle for biting the inside of my cheeks while I think of how to make it a “teachable moment.”

  • Patient with epigastric abdominal pain. Me: “Do you drink coffee? Soda? Yes, soda? How much?” Patient: “Two bottles a day.” Me: “How big are the bottles?” Patient (making the size of a 2-liter bottle with his hands): “Why, there’s nothing wrong with that, right?”
  • Patient who was just informed of her 9-week pregnancy: “Should I be taking something for this? Like vitamins or something?”
  • Young female patient, in response to questioning about her daily fruit, veggie and calcium intake: “Well, I eat vegetables maybe once a month. Milk? Ew, no. Yogurt? Ew. Fruits? Sometimes, in the summer. Not in the winter. Why, is that bad?”
  • Patient whose blood sugar has reached 500, during a talk about healthy diet choices: “I don’t understand why my sugar keeps going up. I eat diet stuff. And I eat vegetables. Like what? Well, potatoes. And yucca. Mostly potatoes.”
  • Patient, requesting Percocet (and nothing else) for her back pain: “Why don’t people here just give me Percocet? I won’t get addicted to it, I promise! Why don’t you want me to have it?”

FYI folks, trying to convince someone to give you a narcotic by saying “I won’t get addicted, I promise” doesn’t work very well!