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25 Things January 29, 2009

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I keep getting these “25 Things About Me” posts from everyone and their mother.  It does tap into a certain narcissistic vein, doesn’t it?  In fact, I can’t resist doing it right now.  I’ll try to keep it healthcare themed.  And I won’t tag people…mostly because I don’t really know how to tag people via a blog.

  1. My earliest career aspiration was to be a stand up comic.  Then I wanted to be a doctor.  Then, after a series of disappointing “aha! moments” that are too long to get into here, I decided that Nurse Practitioner was the way to go.
  2. I am really grossed out by injuries involving the eyes.  Also the teeth.
  3. I wanted to think childbirth was beautiful, mystical and amazing…until I witnessed a birth and found it unsettling, a little scary and with much too much perineum stretching for my taste.
  4. Despite my lack of love for the glory of birth, I am an ardent feminist.
  5. I fear that I am going to develop Type 2 diabetes, thanks to an abundant supply of visceral fat.
  6. I love counseling young women about their reproductive system.  Today I had a great conversation with a 21-year old about why she was experiencing vaginal dryness during sex (here’s a hint…F-O-R-E-P-L-A-Y).
  7. I love kids and am in preliminary talks with my significant other about having a baby.  Just preliminary, folks!  No basal body temp charting yet.
  8. I have a National Health Service Corps contract and–so far–am not burned out on my job, nor do I regret it.
  9. Assisting in abortion procedures was one of the most intense jobs I have ever had.  And I had the most intimate connections with patients that I’ve ever had.  I never regretted that job, either.
  10. I hate winter
  11. I hate vegetables, despite my daily sermons to patients extolling their virtues.
  12. I love coffee.  Sugary sweet coffee drinks with caramel sauce, I love you the most!
  13. I’m agnostic.  I have a hard time believing in a god that allows random violence and inhumanity.  But I also have a hard time believing that there’s nothing out there beyond our comprehension.
  14. I am not a fan of little dogs.
  15. I’ve never smoked a cigarette.
  16. I grew up in a city where everyone was tan…but I’ve always been a fan of sunscreen.
  17. I believe that hospice is woefully underutilized.
  18. Sometimes I think about going into palliative care.
  19. I’m a little afraid of taking care of old people.  Their fragile skin kind of freaks me out and I’m constantly afraid that I’m going to overlook some symptom of fatal illness.
  20. I love “Trauma: Life in the ER” and I think I’ve seen all of the episodes at this point.
  21. Although I don’t want my patients to be sick, I’m sometimes a little disappointed when the expensive tests that I order don’t come back with interesting results.
  22. I’ve found that primary genital herpes lesions never look as convincing as they do in the textbook.  Why must they resemble cellulitis or folliculitis?
  23. Years ago, I used Xanax for anxiety and it worked wonderfully.  No wonder folks get addicted to the stuff!
  24. I still can’t tell what I’m looking at during a fundoscopic exam.  It’s my shameful secret.
  25. I still can’t hear a grade II heart murmur (and sometimes I can’t hear a grade III, either).