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Adventures in automation January 7, 2009

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I’m participating in a little office experiment called “Trying Out Voice Recognition Software.”  So far it’s going…slowly.  This is what it’s like:

Me (dictating into microphone): “The patient complained of pain in her right hip.”
Voice recognition software, writing: “The passion corn planted  plane in the rye hop.”

Me: “Wait, wait.”

Software: “Whey, white.”

Me (covering microphone): “Dammit!”

Software: “dam hit”

Me, slowly: “The PAYYYYSHENT comPLAYYYned of PAYYYNNN in the RIIIGHHT HHHip”

Software: “The patient complained of pain in the right hip.”

Me, muttering: “I’m just going to type now.”

Software: “Aim just going to tap down”

Me: “dammit!”


3 Responses to “Adventures in automation”

  1. meagan Says:

    you crack me up 🙂

  2. dregina Says:

    Those things are SUCH A CROCK.

  3. vanya Says:

    how fucking funny!

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