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Attention Sherwin Williams… December 17, 2008

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…I’ve got some ideas. But first, a little story.

Recently the other NPs and I moved down the hall, to a new office. Our previous office was painted a lovely warm color, which made its cell-like accommodations a little more bearable. Our new office was white. Our supervisor asked us if we would like to have our new office painted. “How sweet,” we thought, “how surprising!” As a group, we decided on a nice, soothing-but-fun color. We informed our supervisor. We looked forward to the new, soothing-but-fun cell-like accommodations. We returned to the office one morning and found it painted…beige. Apparently, our supervisor called the maintenance supervisor and told him to override our request! She thought “it would take too long, and you all will never be able to decide on a shade anyway.” So she thought she would just speed up the process and choose a color herself. Beige?!? WTF? Nothing says “trapped in a small, windowless office in a bureaucratic system” like beige.

My coworkers and I spent some time trying to guess the name of the new color. Suggestions included “Mussolini Mist,” “Dry bones,” “Reform school,” “Psychiatric ward,” “Dusky dictatorship” and “Bland.” I like “Reform School,” but “Bland” has a certain elegant simplicity, too, doesn’t it?


2 Responses to “Attention Sherwin Williams…”

  1. Sarah Says:

    maybe you should go to your supervisor’s home and paint the mofo beige.

  2. knifemouth Says:

    Hmmm … Dec 17th … is the paint still off-gassing VOCs into your body? Sherwin Williams offers HealthSpec for your readers, and there’s always ecospaints dot calm as well.

    Poor people with rotten supervisors. *sigh

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