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Another opinion about the election October 28, 2008

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Me: It’s very important to control your blood pressure.  You could have a stroke or a heart attack if your blood pressure stays high.

Elderly Puerto Rican Man:  Oh no, I don’t want to die.  I want to live to see the election!

Me: You and me both.

Elderly Man: I want to live to see the colored guy win!  You know, that Obama.

Me: Yes, I know.  I’m not allowed to tell you who I’m voting for.

Elderly Man: C’mon, you know you want him to win.  That colored guy.  That’s who I’m voting for!

Me:  Mmmhmm.


3 Responses to “Another opinion about the election”

  1. lovingpecola Says:

    Yep, been called that to my face more than once on the floor.



  2. Dear g-d…it’s a shame people think this way (or at least don’t take a moment to consider what they are saying).

  3. amy Says:

    Sounds like he’s still voting the good way… saying something, I suppose

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