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Monday is haiku day October 27, 2008

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A kid’s doctor says:

“Soda is Devil’s urine”

The best quote EVER

Patient with mouth pain

Teeth broken off at gumline

Please go to dentist!!

Conference topic:

Assessing suicide risk

Can’t wait to attend


One Response to “Monday is haiku day”

  1. tyler Says:

    I’m really glad you are still publishing these, they make me feel warm when it’s cold out. “Soda is Devil’s urine” is almost as good as “I’m gonna poop for three hours.”:) I sure miss you kid. as i was nursing a friend back to health today i was thinking of you. you wouldn’t happen to know how to find out if a pumpkin is edible or not would you?:) well, besides eating it that is. hang in there tiger. big hug. t

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