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Some great news! September 29, 2008

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A very exciting piece of mail arrived at my house this weekend.  I got a federal loan repayment contract!  Hurray!  Basically, it means that I agree to stay in my current underserved health clinic for 2 more years, and the government gives me $50,000 to apply to my loan debt.  Sweet!  I spent a lot of time this spring filling out forms and compiling a huge packet of stuff for the application.  Periodically, I would mutter to myself “They better give me this goddamn award or I’m going to stab out my eyes.”  Well, my eyes are safe!  (Thank god, because it’s pretty hard to assess a rash without ’em.)

I’m so relieved to get the loan repayment.  Now the total amount of my student loans will decrease from “Almost as much as we paid for our house” to “Cost of a Porsche”  Whew!


5 Responses to “Some great news!”

  1. dregina Says:


  2. Sarah Says:

    What other sense would you have to use to diagnose the rash with? “The good news is, that tastes like simple contact dermatitis; the bad news is, I just licked your thigh. “

  3. lovingpecola Says:

    Awesome! Which one did you get?

  4. lesbonurse Says:

    I got the National Health Service Corps loan repayment

  5. LB Says:

    What is wonderful is watching this all unfold exactly as you had planned it several years ago – and I do mean exactingly. Congrats to you: incredible hard work, diligence and planning. You amaze.

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