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For some reason, the patient didn’t seem to like this advice September 16, 2008

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File this under: Advice Not Taken

Me: I’m glad you came back to the clinic.  Remember those lab tests that we did a few months ago?  The test showed that you have Hepatitis C.

Patient: Oh man.  (slurring speech and reeking of alcohol)  How do I get this taken care of?

Me: I’m going to refer you to a liver doctor.  But listen, the first thing you need to do is quit drinking.  It’s terrible for your liver, especially when you have Hepatitis C.

Patient: Mmmmhmmm.

Me: We can’t start treating for Hepatitis C until you stop drinking.  The social worker can help you get into a detox program

Patient: I don’t need your help!  I think I’ve had more than enough help today!  (Gets up to leave)

Me: Don’t forget your lab slip!  We really need to know how your liver is doing!

Patient: (grabs lab slip and stomps away)


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