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Sometimes it’s just not funny August 21, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — lesbonurse @ 1:19 am

Humor is my coping mechanism (and sometimes my crutch). I like to be funny, and I like blogs that are funny. So it’s kind of been a bummer that my last 2 weeks of work have been so depressingly unfunny. I mean, I’ll make fun of some pretty crappy situations. But here are some issues that I won’t make fun of: physical abuse of people with mental retardation, sexual assault, domestic violence, genuine suicidal ideation, the anguish of an illiterate mother who signed her parental rights away because she couldn’t read the DSS forms, and sexual abuse of children. All of these issues have been addressed by me during the last 2 weeks. Uplifting, right? No wonder I’ve been coming home feeling like a dumptruck full of grief ran me over.


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