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More Healthcare Haiku July 29, 2008

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Went to work today…

Surprise! Move to new work space!


Poor schizophrenic

Came for lab results–instead:

sent back to psych ward

Feeling kinda wierd.

I’m part of interview team

For new grad NP!

Worked all day Sunday

On twenty overdue charts

Not so glamorous.



One Response to “More Healthcare Haiku”

  1. LB Says:

    This year is more than half over. Dead. Gone. Never to return. Like the phone call. My doctor. Do you think he will return that? About the medication I need, to get it covered by insurance which I know he can do if he wanted to, but he just chuckles and dismisses me. It’s $340 a month for the medication. I have been contemplating the most painful way to kill myself. It’s not likely but it sure does pass the time. I don’t know why I care if I am awake or not.

    The pain meds make me nod off like a heroin addict, the Provigil keeps my nose off the keyboard: and I get to have some self respect and a JOB. Now, as we all know, people pay damn good money to nod off that way on heroin. Who the hell do I think I am to get all snooty and pay hundreds of dollars to NOT nod off!? Throwing away a damn good nod like that day after day. What a loser!

    I really, really wish I didn’t get hit by a car again.

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