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Stepping up my game June 3, 2008

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Quick, someone give me a medal–I tried hard to be a gay hero today.  I started the day by giving some of my conference materials to the cute young butch in the admin department, then inviting her to come spectate at a women’s softball game with me sometime (just being friendly, people!  She knows my gf is on the team).  I then approached one of the attending physicians with a conference update and the idea to do a Grand Rounds on trans health.  This turned out to be a much slower process than I had hoped (the projected date of trans health Grand Rounds is spring of 2009) but my colleague was enthusiastic about trying to make it happen.  Then this afternoon I saw a suspiciously gay-looking woman and her female friend for a blood pressure follow-up.  While I normally content myself with being extra-super-accepting and trying to give the “Me, too!” eye while still appearing professional, I wondered if I could do more.  Suddenly it occurred to me: I haven’t been encouraging my same-sex partnered patients to fill out health care proxy forms for each other.  Given the general crapulence of my city, it seems prudent for the gays to have some legal protection in case of hospitalization.  After a garbled attempt at explaining in Spanish the importance of health care proxy for LGBTQ patients, I shoved a form at my bemused-looking patient and advised her to look it over at home.  I then vowed to myself to do this for every queer couple (or patient) that I have.  Whew, what a gay day!


2 Responses to “Stepping up my game”

  1. dregina Says:

    All SUPERMAN ever did was save the day, so saving the gays definitely gives you superhero status.

  2. melville Says:

    you are my gay hero.

    ps nice one, danish

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