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The healing power of roadtrips June 1, 2008

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After lunch with a friend in NYC, a power nap and then 3 hours of driving and singing out loud to myself, I’m now home and feeling more upbeat about life in general.  Long solo car trips that involve singing tend to make me feel cheery.

I know in my last post I emphasized the depressing isolation that I felt on the first day of the conference, but I actually feel really good about the last couple of days.  I got to meet awesome providers, visit with old friends and eat food prepared by Mennonites at Redding Terminal Market–what could be bad about that?

One of the coolest things about the conference for me was the presence of transgender children and their families.  There were lots of kids there, both children of trans parents and children who were trans themselves.  In my last moment in the hotel, I rode the elevator down to the lobby with a little boy and his family.  He was wearing a little baseball hat, stripey shirt, adorable little-kid glasses and a sticker that said “God made me trans.”  How cool is that?


One Response to “The healing power of roadtrips”

  1. dregina Says:

    Ooooh, you got to go to Philly. I miss that town! Also, for the most part, it’s the Amish, not Mennonites, at RTM. They really should get different style bonnets.

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