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The totally professional comment May 25, 2008

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  • As some of you may know, I’m the go-to-gal for paps and pelvics in my clinic. So I wasn’t surprised when one of the first-year residents flagged me down in the hall and asked me to come into an exam room with him to make sure he had located a patient’s cervix correctly. What did surprise me was that when I opened the door, this poor patient still had the speculum cranked open inside her vagina! She seemed remarkably un-angered by the fact that her doctor had just left her alone in a room with a speculum in place for several minutes (although perhaps she felt more empowered to be mad once her clothes were back on). After helping the doctor finish the exam, I stopped him outside of the room for a little ‘feedback.’ Professional comment: “I just want to let you know, from a woman’s perspective it is VERY uncomfortable to be left with a speculum in like that. So next time, take it out if you need to leave the room, ok?” Unprofessional comment: “I know you’re a moron, but come on! What on god’s earth would make you think it’s ok to leave someone like that?!? You wouldn’t leave a man with an anoscope in place, would you?”

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