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Monday Haiku May 13, 2008

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Here for test results

No, you don’t have HIV

But you have Hep C

Distended stomach:

Bowel obstruction…or case

of constipation?

Special multi-part haiku:

walked out of rehab–

DVT, venous ulcer.

New patient visit.

Now, appointment with

inexperienced NP.

Too many problems!!

I have to admit,

You are way outside my scope

of NP practice


3 Responses to “Monday Haiku”

  1. aap Says:

    air quality sucks
    no control over housing
    painful, deadly clot

    Potential Health Risks of Air Pollution Beyond Triggering Acute Cardiopulmonary Events
    Robert D. Brook
    JAMA. 2008;299(18):2194-2196.

  2. Sarah Says:

    The concept of profession-based haiku is really growing on me.

    That ISSN
    is not the same as the full
    citation you need.

    Smelly homeless man
    what is it you do all day
    in our library?

  3. LB Says:

    I just noticed you are picking up readers globally. I really really fucking really hope it’s because they are googling lesbo haiku and not things like impacted … never mind.

    Just back from Tahoe:
    no slot machine for LB,
    nor any gunshots.

    I need work there. Lots more practice.

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