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Love me some benzos April 15, 2008

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I am noticing that one of my biggest challenges in mental health treatment is getting my patients to want to try anti-depressants instead of just benzodiazepines.  Yes, benzos are fast-acting, offer immediate relief from anxiety and have the added benefit of making someone feel pretty damn good for a little while.  Why would someone want to trade that for the orgasm-killing, disappointingly not noticeable short-term effects of an SSRI?  And the vague threat of physical dependence seems pretty unimportant to most of my patients, especially when compared to the daily desperation of their lives.  I spent a lot of time trying to explain to people why a benzodiazepine alone is not the optimal treatment for anxiety and depression.  And even after all the explanations, patients still say “But my Klonopin works for me.  Why do you want to put me on something else?”  Arrrgh.