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Sunday is haiku day March 17, 2008

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My patient was on

receiving end of sixteen 

gunshots in his back 

Urgent appointment:

Why? Oh, my neck hurt yesterday 

It doesn’t hurt now. 

New patient visit

Lady on fentanyl patch

I need your records!

Patient with cancer.

Awkward discussion about

End-of-life choices 


2 Responses to “Sunday is haiku day”

  1. meagan Says:

    These never cease to crack me up 🙂

  2. the little Capricorn Says:

    I had a major breakthrough today: thinking back to my general practitioner blithely offering to put me on the fentanyl patch, and I declined – because I knew that with my raging body temp swings, I would probably die from an overdose. Sounds like someone is not 101% sold on suicide, eh? Good for me. Cause I could’ve “eased on down the road” lickety-split that way. So. I now think if it gets really bad, like last year? I’ll just take my meds with me to the hospital and commit myself. See? Progress. Good.

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