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Days that make you go ‘bleh’ February 28, 2008

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Today was a day rife with the challenges of community nursing. Here are a few highlights of my day:

  • Was shadowed by a nursing student from local community college for entire morning
  • First patient of the day was a woman whose recent MRI confirmed a tumor. Though cancer had been discussed as a possibility at other visits, the patient had not yet received her MRI results
  • Second patient of the day had a cough and body aches for 2 days, and was very upset that there was no magic cure. Welcome to Virus-town, lady. Population: You and the entire rest of the community. There’s something going around.
  • Realized I started a patient on a beta-blocker without noticing her history of mild asthma. whoops.
  • Old man with gout complained bitterly about the pain of his gout attack and then complained equally bitterly about the dietary changes that I suggested. Yes, old man, you need to throw out that fresh liver you have in your fridge. No, you cannot continue to eat liver and bacon and “just take my gout pills the next day to stop the attack.”
  • At the end of the day, had a pounding headache from the florescent lights and was completely drained of compassion and kindness

One Response to “Days that make you go ‘bleh’”

  1. melville Says:

    your job is hard smush.

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