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Capgras delusion February 17, 2008

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On Friday I had a patient with a history of schizophrenia and Capgras Delusion, which I found fascinating and sad at the same time. For those of you who may not know what Capgras Delusion is (I didn’t), it is the belief that someone close to you has been replaced by an identical impostor. For the patient with Capgras Delusion, the impostor looks and acts exactly the same, but only the patient knows that they are actually a stranger instead of their loved one. Apparently, this belief in the identical impostor can apply to pets or household items as well. And it affects not only people with schizophrenia, but also people who have had a traumatic brain injury. I can only imagine that it must be really, really freaky to wake up one day and think that the person who looks and acts like your spouse is actually a stranger.


3 Responses to “Capgras delusion”

  1. aap Says:

    hmm, maybe my has that. she thinks the aliens/fbi/govenment have stolen her baby and replaced with a fake version of her baby.

  2. tuffnurse Says:

    POD PEOPLE!!!!!!

  3. LB Says:

    For some reason I immediately thought of the fix many might turn to: the Capintheyass Solution. Has a ring to it.

    “Do you have Capgras delusion? Well have I got a Capintheyass Solution for you! Peel those impostors out of your life once and for all!”

    The commercials could be made by the same quality folks that put together them fine ones for Gooooood Ole Tom! Anyway. Creepy.Scary.Probably next!

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