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good ol’ tom February 5, 2008

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This isn’t really related to health, but this is so wierd and creepy I wanted to share.  These commercials play all the damn time on the television stations here.  I’m not sure if this guy is purposefully milking the “southern man controlling the economic situation of the black woman” imagery, or if the subliminal message is lost on him.  There are several variations of this commercial, and another version of it has Tom’s voiceover talking about how this African-American woman scraped up jewelry from herself “and her kin” and sold it to him for (presumably) a cut of what it was really worth.  My girlfriend and I have taken to saying to each other, “I want to give it to you…I want you sayin’ gooood ole Tom!”  Blech.

And this one is just bizarre and creepily hilarious.


One Response to “good ol’ tom”

  1. Kymlee Says:

    I saw your page on the freshly pressed front page section of WordPress, and I have to say I’ve been laughing my butt off reading your posts…
    I actually see the “good ole tom” commercials too. I never saw them until I moved down here to Springfield MA, and now I can’t get the stupid thing out of my head.

    Side note, We have the same layout 🙂



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