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brevity January 25, 2008

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I have always enjoyed the timeless art of haiku. Here are a few that sum up my day:

Real bad UTI

It’s multi-drug resistant

Go to the ER!

Sore throat, can’t swallow

Painful glands like golf balls

Could it be mono?

Very skinny man

Surprisingly large penis

Act like no big deal


4 Responses to “brevity”

  1. Keku'i Says:

    i’m new to the blogging world; even simply reading them, but I must say your haiku about the little man and big penis made me say TEE HEE…

  2. melville Says:

    this is how i feel when i read your haikus:

    STOP IT!

    No, don’t stop!

    Shut the fuck up.

    Oh my god!

    and finally…I am so glad I don’t have your job.

    love the blog, xoxoxo.

  3. dregina Says:

    Very nice blog
    Cleverest woman I know
    Cristian says, “Hello”

  4. meagan Says:

    More haikus please! Those are great!

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